Political survey and campaign

MSG24 Provide political servery and campain all over the India

Msg24 provides political research, voting trends and pattern with opinion polls/exit polls and historical election data. Msg24 will include the details of demographic structure, prominent issues, developmental work, influential people, and active party workers. The objective of the company is to provide Voter Relationship Management by helping the clients to increase the voter network and confidence of the voters in them and Brand Building & Campaign Management to create a positive wave during the elections. Campaigning will boost candidate’s popularity and influence voters in favour.

A detailed analysis is done based on the facts and figures gathered during the course of comprehensive area research and a report on strategic issues is presented aiming at creating a positive wave of enthusiasm and confidence in the electorate for their representative.

The representatives can shake the curse of anti-incumbency and the constituents can reap the rewards of the hard work of a well-informed and dedicated representative. At present, we are using these concepts and our expertise to enable the elected representatives in India to manage their constituencies in an organized manner and to help them allocate funds for high priority developmental works.

Msg24 Provide Deep Research On Election Servery, Campain And Event

Msg24 Provide Door To Door Servery

Specially customized surveys for collecting valid contact information of voters, to know voter’s mood and ensuring wide reach of the candidate. It also helps determine candidate’s caste equation and further formulate steps to ensure winning. Influential people of a constituency are determined and their contact information is collected. It also includes mass appeal for the candidate.

Demographic analysis includes the sets of methods that allow us to measure the dimensions and dynamics of populations. These methods have primarily been developed to study human populations. Demography is the statistical and mathematical study of the size, composition, and spatial distribution of human populations and how these features change over time.Data are obtained from a census of the population and from registries: records of events like birth, deaths, migrations, marriages, divorces, diseases, and employment.

Research At Booth Level

These features include various software installations, data management, constituency profiling, comprehensive research and more

Door-to-Door Research

Survey Team gather Election Forecast, Campaign Team Arrange collected data, Project manager Assign Task to both teams

Public Opinion Poll

Assessing Public Opinion Polls, What people believe?,How they feel about Political leader? ,In what way they will act in elections?

Seat Wise Polictical Server's

During the time of general elections in India, we often serve to election commission for polling surveys and publish the results in the newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. We are serving to conduct political surveys to know the opinions about the candidates of the certain political parties. We are working for many years to conduct surveys during Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, and Rajya Sabha elections and providing the results to participating parties regarding the favorable and non-favorable results. Our Seat Wise Surveys help parties to make essential decisions about giving election tickets to the candidates for the particular seats

Political parties to get idea about the mentality of the voters

It is a difficult task for the political parties to get the bright idea about the mentality of the voters regarding their candidates who are participating in the elections. So to make such task easier, we take the initiative to conduct state wise, district wise, and area wise surveys to get views about the ruling party as well as other political parties.

  • Close Monitoring of the Voters.
  • Enhancement in Party promotion.
  • Proper Question Structuring.
  • Assurance of Unbiased Work Process.
  • Reach Diverse Demographics .
  • Understanding Voters Insights .
  • Interpretation of the Survey Answers.
  • Analysis and Preparation of the Results.


An opinion poll is a strategy to gather data about the perspectives or convictions of a given gathering. Data from an exit poll can reveal insight into and possibly enable derivations to be drawn about specific qualities of a bigger populace. Exit polls are completed on an assortment of issues. They may test approaches for fame, or they could test the endorsement rate for a political pioneer. The first thing here is for you to know as to what is a public opinion poll. However, the focal utilization of feeling polls is in the kept running up to elections. There are also different types of opinion polls and Leadtech, the leading Opinion Poll Company in India avails to all the services of opinion polls India election.

The Accuracy of Opinion Polls

Polls can’t tell what somebody will do on Election Day. They can just record what the individual says they mean to do. Public opinion survey doesn’t simply remain solitary separated from elections. Some contend that they can really impact casting ballot conduct.

Polls demonstrating a gathering driving before an election can have an effect on how individuals really vote. This is known as the Bandwagon Effect when individuals vote in favour of the gathering they accept will win. On the off chance that a gathering is trailing in the polls, either individual will change to it or supporters of the main party won’t try to cast a ballot since they think their gathering has officially won. This is known as the Boomerang Effect.

  • Understanding Voters Insights.
  • Proper Research Team.
  • Reach Diverse Demographicss.
  • Good Wording of Questions.
  • The rate of Accuracy.
  • Proper and researched question pattern.
  • Higher rates of accuracy.
  • Enhanced reach to dynamic demographics.

What we do

  • Social media - Facebook- good tactic to get people’s attention.
  • Bulk SMS - In minutes everyone will have the message.
  • Bulk emails - to send email in large quantities.
  • Plays recorded message of candidate.
  • Convince voter through follow-up call.
  • Door to Door Campaigning.
  • Finding micro and macro issues which can influence elections
  • Opinion poll to know voter’s mood
  • Vote share in favour of our client
  • Designing Manifesto.
  • Expectations of people from an ideal candidate
  • Leader management, Religion, caste based voter management, migrated voter management
  • Hourly updates of voting progress on election day; helps in identifying our supporters who are yet to cast their votes.
  • Convincing educated voters by presenting facts and figures in a logical manner through social media; facebook,bulk SMS & emails.
  • Party/Leader influence, Religion/Caste spread mapping through GIS module.

What makes MSG24 one of the best Company?

Take advantage of our expertise. Our social approach is built on consumer approaching, competitive analysis, and surrounds your Brand values to help you communicate your Brand Story.
  • One way vision, Vinyl, Stickers, and Pump let for Clients. To give further information to meeting through social media.
  • Advanced Preparing Next meeting schedule, Arrange daily meeting & promotional events.
  • Record personal video messages for any major event .
  • Arrange Meeting, Rally, Jansampark and any Promotional Events.Create Daily Major events, Rally schedule in advanced.
  • Make Short videos in Daily Meeting and Events. Assessing Public Opinion Polls
  • Identifies effective media sources which are most influential for voters


Promotional Material

Create Visiting Cards, Party Banners, Brochures, and more product for campaign. Flex for Political Leader

Vehicle Management

Regular Manage Vehicle In Rallies & Public Meeting. Arrangement of the vehicle in the upcoming meetings & Events.

Gathering Management

Send Bulk SMS And Voice SMS for Scheduling Meeting, Jansabha and Rally to the public. Manage Daily Meeting Routine.

Daily Routine Management

Collection of data on regular basis by field manager, Collect all photos and videos to upload in social media.

Personal Assistant Services

Collect daily Meeting and Events data by field manager, Upload Events Images in Social Media with the attractive caption.

We Keep It Simple & Effective

We inculcate your brand’s personality into our social media approach to make things easy yet effective.

Brand Building Enhancing a brand's equity (see brand equity) directly through advertising campaigns and indirectly through promotions such as cause championing or event sponsorship. Successful brand building and management requires an understanding of an organization’s audience and what differentiates it from its competitors.

At MSG24, we are brand building and management experts who build your brand by defining your audience and crafting a message that motivates them to respond. Major objective of the project is to start target campaign to create a wave in favor of the client. The salient features of the project are as following: Call Center for Voters and Party Workers: Mobilization of Party Workers: Meeting of party workers would be organized to mobilize for the election. We will also provide them training and make them ready for Get Out The Voter Concept. We will try to increase the strength of our party workers as much as possible.

Party workers as part of campaign Management. Automated voice calling to voters and party workers.

Why Choose Us?

During a campaign, whether it is an election campaign or a campaign within a district or town, media advertising or poster and leaflet distribution are no substitute for direct contact.

Specially customized surveys for collecting valid contact information of voters, to know voter’s mood and ensuring wide reach of the candidate. It also helps determine candidate’s caste equation and further formulate steps to ensure winning. Influential people of a constituency are determined and their contact information is collected. It also includes mass appeal for the candidate.

Ensure candidate’s success by extensive research of the data collected. This data and research work holds its validity and exclusivity for our client only. No sharing and publication of such data occurs from our side.

Discussing the issues which are important to people. The script will be provided by our canvass organizer and is meant to act as a guide for volunteers conversations. It will feature a number of questions volunteer should ask the voters speak with.

Dropping election literature will give each voter one of these. If the person is not at home, leave the literature with someone else or on his/her doorstep.

opinion poll method

In the survey after the election announcement, in which voters are asked which party you will vote, the survey is called the Opinion Poll. This survey mainly focuses on the sample size. The larger the sample size, the results are closer to the right. Opinion polls are a method of collecting information about a group’s ideas or beliefs.

Decision-making war room

In this section of Election War room we have the experts core team for decision making for all Online media campaigns. This is the major section of political election campaign management process.

Media-monitoring war room

This sections take command from the core team memebers. In media-monitoring war room, a dedicated team of approx 8-10 peoples, which are only responsive for all online media activity of Political campaigns.

Election-day war room

Final & Major Segment of Election war room, which is lead by the campaign project Director. Mainly this team opoerate on the Election day to monitor election booths and the voters turnouts.

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Impacts of Political research On Elections?

Checkout features of our Social Media Marketing

Statistical analysis of voting trends

Helpful to analyze audience type

Voters approach in Elections

Assessing Public Opinion Polls

Select Population & Sample

Track Voters Online Activity

Daily Meeting Routine

Designing Manifesto

MSG24 are a group of dedicated professionals who bring to your research about the position of your party in any region or Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha constituency. Not only do we provide our services to political parties but also media organizations who tap into psychology to predict electoral outcomes. We provide political research, voting tendencies, and sample polls through the collection of data at ground level through questionnaire and use of sophisticated statistical tools to extrapolate it to trends.

We specialize in the design of questionnaire in every Indian language which will tap into voter psyche, accurate choice of key and swing constituencies, and use of most suitable sampling techniques and development of predictive models.

We have in the past provided undeniable research and analysis in public opinion survey. We will provide precise and impartial projections through public opinion polls and polling survey that will facilitate any political candidate and his/her party.

At MSG24, we have shaped a robust eco-system for our valuable customers to help them get full advantage of various social media marketing services. Our team understands the different business needs and recommends suitable social media platforms to help them meet their goal. Every member of our team aims at delivering competencies to level your business in your specific marketplace. Right from examining your social media pages and building a vibrant strategy to creating brand awareness and sustain your reputation, we script a productive SOCIAL STORY for your journey. We carefully examine the whole thing and fine-tune the best techniques and platforms to help you maximize the benefits of a variety of social media platforms for your business.

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