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In today’s technologically driven world, mobile phones have turn out to be an eminent part of our life, with Whatsapp consuming the major part of it. All smart mobile phone, whether it is an android or iOS, comes with whatsapp communicating app installed in it. Whatsapp is a cross-platform app that has transformed the messaging world. It is the fastest and most suitable way for people to talk and share media files like photos, videos, and voice notes. It allows users to create a group and connect in secure conversation anytime they want.

It is a specialized and effective platform to communicate with potential customers. It not only enables you to send bulk messages to other users but also help you to make WhatsApp marketing campaigns, giving value for your marketing campaign. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service is one of the methods of digital marketing that can be used for spreading marketing messages of your products and services directly to customers’ phone.

MSG24 digital marketing now includes Bulk Whatsapp marketing services which Implement the easy-to-use and hassle-free marketing support with multimedia and let WhatsApp create your leads for you. Our Bulk Whatsapp marketing approach in Bhopal with bulk messages through WhatsApp, let companies send a maximum of 1000 characters, Which include 4 pictures (1 Mb each), PDF(1 Mb), videos (3 Mb) or audio (2 Mb). Using Our Bulk Whatsapp marketing services in Bhopal you can also send messages to those customers who are registered in the DND directory. Also, the WhatsApp API facility is a new way to get more customers. More users mean more customers.

Enhance your promotions and marketing thoughts with bulk WhatsApp messages by attaching a photo, audio, video, and vcards. This solution allows users to send and handle WhatsApp Campaigns in a very simple way. Additionally, provide the tools to sort out or you can say scrub and verify WhatsApp numbers and begin advertising. Our Bulk WhatsApp Services in Bhopal gives you a protected web panel, you can be a user for your branding or can be a dealer and earn with selling further.

Scheduled Messages

Allows you to sent Bulk WhatsApp to make events and festivals more memorable. It also allows you to be sent at a future date & time.

Standard Way

Providing you the Best Bulk WhatsApp Gateway to deliver whatsApp messages instantly across any networks without any kind of delay.

Uniquely Coded Message

Unicode WhatsApp messages permits you to send Bulk SMS in your local language which helps to aim your local audience.

Benefits Of Bulk Whatsapp Service..

Bulk Whatsapp Service has turned out to be a useful marketing tool for businesses as of its higher user numbers that maximize reach with least effort.
  • Allows marketers to pass information at a quite minimal or no cost.
  • Lets marketers make sure that their message has reached with the blue tick feature.
  • Easily send various offers and updates to the ideal customers without any requirement of plug-ins.
  • Along with text, various other multimedia formats, such as videos, images, audios, and Vcards, can be easily attached.
  • Broadcast list feature enables marketers to send out multiple messages without selecting them manually.


Transactional Bulk WhatsApp

Abundantly used by companies for marketing strategies. MSG24 is a user-friendly gateway where you can easily send bulk whatsapp without any trouble.

Promotional Bulk WhatsApp

It can be quite beneficial to small companies to invest in a reputed consultant to perform all advertising to market effectively to your client base.

Open DND

We make sure that you do not experience anything less than value for your well-earned money.


Once our API is integrated with your software, login is not required. This will make the whatsapp message sending an automated method.

Lead Base Plan

Our Plan will assist you to get in touch with prospective clients and receive improved yet targeted response rate.

SMPP SMS Services

SMPP Protocol is working to send/receive messages from/to every cell phones for voting purpose & Information services.

MSG24 is the leading Bulk Whatsapp marketing service provider in India. Our experts know the wider scope of Whatsapp for marketers in India, and hence they do their best to deliver the best Whatsapp marketing solutions to our clients. We are Bulk Whatsapp service providers, contributing 24x7 support to your Whatsapp marketing service in India. With Bulk Whatsapp marketing online, we ensure the development of businesses through effectual strategies.We are equipped with inventive professionals who are paying attention to delivering 100% customer fulfillment which makes us the finest Bulk Whatsapp service provider in India. With our steady support lines and outstanding track record, we understand the significance of Bulk Whatsapp service for business in India, and we offer top-quality Bulk Whatsapp services.

We utilize effective message design to send your message in a good-looking way. Besides, we efficiently use Bulk Whatsapp service for business by devising the industry-leading marketing procedure. Also, we make sure that outcomes are visible to you.

Why Choose Us?

One of the leading bulk Whatsapp service providers allowing international SMS delivery.

While MSG24 offers the lowest prices. Such an offer is not seen with other bulk Whatsapp providers in India. This means that it guarantees businesses or organizations that full robustness that when a WhatsApp message will be sent, it will be delivered directly to the customers and within a short period.

MSG24 use their complicated API SMS platform and unbelievable premium or telecommunication carriers to make sure reliable passage of the required Whatsapp messages to be delivered.

MSG24 has a high capacity network ensuring that important time-sensitive Whatsapp messages are delivered quickly.

Multimedia Support

You can send the attention-grabbing messages along with image and video to grab the attention of the clients immediately.

Automated Marketing

The service providers will make use of the software to automate the messages so that you can have complete control over it.

Affordable Marketing

You can promote your product or service at an affordable price when compared to other marketing techniques.

Helps To Connect Globally

Bulk WhatsApp service helps the industry to connect with target customers who are present across the country.

Price For Our Bulk SMS Services

We are the leading bulk SMS service providers.
Rs. 1200.00
  • 50 Credit
  • Life-TIme Validity
Rs. 500.00
  • 100 Credit
  • Life-TIme Validity
Whats Gold
Rs. 100.00
  • 10000 Credit
  • Life-TIme Validity
Rs. 20.00
  • 2000 Credit
  • Life-TIme Validity

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We all know a Superior Online Marketing Approach can make a big difference in your sales growth. Hence we have enthusiastic Marketing Consultants to help you and guide on your marketing strategy.We are not just an SMS Gateway Company in Bhopal, we also offer end-to-end lead generation and lead management assistance. And hence we always recommend the client to go for multiple assistance for a lead generation once the website is live. This will guarantee you would be able to target prospect leads at a different time in a day via different lead generation tools. This is both cost-effective and generates more value leads in a short period.

Suggested Service to be run along with MSG24 Bulk Whatsapp Services: Google Adwords, Bulk Voice Calling, Google Top Page Ranking (SEO), Missed Call Service, Facebook Marketing & Email Marketing.

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