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MSG24 IVR Service Provider in India offering cloud-based IVR Service at most reasonable prices since 2010. And as a leader in providing IVR Services in India we guarantee all calls are 100% recorded in our web-enabled call log panel in real-time.

We administer approx 5 lakh incoming calls every Month on our 1500+ active IVR Numbers. And to continue ourselves as best IVR Service Provider Company in India our major focus is to ensure the finest audio quality and immediate call connectivity. Therefore we have a redundant network of all major Indian Telecom Operators in that way we ensure the best telecom connectivity across every city in India. We can make available you IVR number of any state within INDIA or any other country on the planet at most inexpensive rates! We also offer vanity numbers so now you can have easy to memorize IVR number of your choice at the lowest rate.

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an enormously used technology right now to make the communication much easier with the people through digital technology. In this era of technology, computers and telephones are using interactive voice to talk to the people when they cal via the Dual Tone Multi Frequency technology. And we are here to resolve all of your troubles regarding IVR services in India. MSG24 is the one-stop solution for the people who want IVR services with this feature.

Our company provides the Best IVR service and serves customers with top quality features. IVR is greatly needed service right now to cope up with the rising technology in the country. For the technological growth in the world, everything is turning into machine and we create the machines to even talk now. Interactive Voice Response can assist the companies with different voice interaction technology to serve the idea of different BPOs who interact with thousands of customers every day. And this is a very popular service for so long. For further details, please contact us to avail of these services.

Call Routing Anywhere

Route your customer calls to many agents at a single point of time. It capably handles huge traffic of calls, not missing any possible business opportunity.

Call Recording

Record all client calls on your virtual number and utilize these call recordings for in-house training or get an approach into your customer preferences.

Customized Greetings

Offer localized experience by means of customized greetings for different brands. Record new messages or upload recorded voicemail greetings.

Advantages with Our IVR Services..

Our ready-to-use business software is designed in view of every possible communication need and can be modified as per business requirements.
  • Powerful cloud telephony solution that automates and updates the communication process to boost efficiency and business returns.
  • Cost-effective options attain major savings. Customizable pricing structure according to your requirements.
  • With automated calls boost agent efficiency and concentrate on the latest verticals of business.
  • Empower your support teams to work from anywhere anytime by a cloud-based portable IVR number.
  • 24x7 around the clock customer support.


Virtual Numbers

Get Virtual Number with integrated IVR +Call forwarding to your private mobile number or landline numbers.

Hold Music

Pleasing melody replacing silence or phone tones during the waiting period for call answers from the receiver end.

Conditional Forwarding

You can classify rules for forwarding calls according to date, time, or any other circumstances or parameters.

IVR Menu

Our computerized voice menu guides caller to the right department by linking call digits with extension codes.


Recorded voice messages from a member, whose calls you missed, will be stored in your email.


You will be enabled to blacklist the caller number anytime.

MSG24 provides this service to endorse the business in one of the latest and new technique usages to the clients; the major usages of IVR Services are bank & stock account balances and transfers, call center forwarding, office call routing, sales, simple order entry transactions, promotion, and medical records. In telecommunications, IVR concedes consumers to interact with a company’s host system by telephone keypad or speech recognition, later than services can be scrutinized about through the IVR conversation.

IVR service can be consumed for mobile shopping, retail management, banking payments, and assistance, travel information, and weather statuses. MSG24 is offering IVR Services to develop business by providing Customers’ Satisfactions, 24/7 Non-Stop Active Service Feature, and much more effortless and accomplished services to the clients anytime regarding the business achievability and enlargement. Entirely, this service provider company is based on goal achieving and industry reinventing obtainable with customers’ intercommunicating services.

Why Choose Us?

We have widespread experience in handling global-wide inbound and outbound interactive communication with our consistent IVR system.

MSG24 is having software systems that use AI, text to speech, and automated speech recognition to recognize human voice utterances and act in response in a human-like manner to a wide variety of requests.

The MSG24 API platform offers local numbers in the majority of countries for your business and can have a local identity in each market. Our API platform supports the needs of business-critical applications.

We have a multi-datacenter, fully redundant network that delivers over 99.95% availability and easily scales up and down in the cloud as your business demands.

100% Secured & Trusted Solution

Your data is protected & encrypted you can be 100% assured about the quality of service and support by the MSG24 Team.

Fully Automated & Easy to Use

IVR Service is a Cloud-Based Hosting Solution and is an entirely automated system and our portal is very simple to use.

User-Friendly Web Portal

Access Online, Anywhere Anytime and handle your IVR System in 3 easy steps.

High Call Quality

No downtime or call latency problem with cloud IVR system as our portal is linked with Multi Telecom Operator way.

Price For Our Bulk SMS Services

We are the leading bulk SMS service providers.
Rs. 1200.00
  • 50 Credit
  • Life-TIme Validity
Rs. 500.00
  • 100 Credit
  • Life-TIme Validity
Whats Gold
Rs. 100.00
  • 10000 Credit
  • Life-TIme Validity
Rs. 20.00
  • 2000 Credit
  • Life-TIme Validity

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Save Callers Time

Be available 24*7

Handle large call volume

Personalized Experience

Be cost effective & efficient

Create agent extensions

Get a Professional image for your business

Route Call to rights agents & departments

Since the user touchpoints with your small business get better, it will become vital for clients to acquire a reliable and accessible experience touchpoints. Implementing an IVR system is quite an intelligent move. The customers are routed via an Automated IVR service where they can choose the support they are searching for while being going to different voice pre-recorded voice options. Explore with us and test the restrictions of what you can attain with our APIs and SMS Marketing strategy.As a well-known IVR Service Provider, we assure you with 100% satisfactory services with no compromising on quality. We are the best and trusted company who provides the best IVR service in Bhopal, India at a very reasonable price. Our Customer support team is always ready to resolve customer queries.

MSG24 is the best and India’s top trusted IVR Service provider in Bhopal at an extremely affordable price with unlimited call minutes. Our IVR Service facilitates clients to handle most business queries such as billing, etc. by themselves. The IVR service would let your agents invest time on more complex client concerns.

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